Data Centre Europe - 2021 to 2025

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The aim of the latest Data Centre in Europe report - 2021 to 2025 - provides a comprehensive overview of Data Centre activity across Europe from more than 650 Data Centre Providers in 17 countries (refer to coverage below for detailed list of countries covered).

The Data Centre 2021 report has been comprehensively updated with an extended 4-year forecast from the end of 2021 to the end of 2025. This edition places emphasis on Data Centre power (MW) as well as space shown in square metres, with a forecast for pricing per kW as well as standard rack space and per square metre pricing.

The 2021 report provides details of announced expansions and new plans announced by the so called 650 DCs across all countries.

Newly added with this edition is the a revenue forecast for Public Cloud revenues and third-party Data Centre revenues in each country over the same period.

The report considers the main trends impacting both the Carrier-based Data Centre segment as well as the Carrier Neutral Data Centre segment.


Coverage per country. For each of the 17 countries surveyed in the country section of the report TCL provides analysis of the following Key Data Centre statistics for each country which include the following statistics (as of the end of 2020):

The number of Data Centre providers and facilities and their location

Key Data Centre Provider Profiles including their expansion plans

Data Centre raised floor space forecast – in m2 (2021 to 2025)

Data Centre Customer Power (DCCP) forecast - in MW (2021 to 2025)

Data Centre Pricing Forecast – in rack space, m2 space & per kW (2021 to 2025)

Data Centre Clusters in each Country

Data Centre breakdown by Data Centre Provider

The Key Data Centre Clusters

Data Centre Revenue Forecast – in millions of Euro (2020 to 2024)

German Public Cloud Revenue Forecast – in millions of Euro (2020 to 2024)

The Key Trends in each of the Data Centre Market surveyed

Data Centre Outlook for each country profile


A full list of the Data Centre providers covered in the report is provided - over 1,300 facilities and proposed build-out

Extended 4-year forecast

Only report in the market with comprehensive coverage

Data Centre list available in excel spreadsheet

5 hours Access to Research Analyst following purchase of the Report

Complimentary copy of the European Trends survey published in July 2021.


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