TrendSights Analysis: Blurring Gender Boundaries

36 Pages - GLDATA59010


"TrendSights Analysis: Blurring Gender Boundaries" looks at how changing gender roles are being reflected in consumer product choices, with shoppers becoming less inclined to buy products seen as "appropriate" for their gender.

The Blurring Gender Boundaries trend addresses the new concepts that are defying conventional ideas and values related to the lifestyles associated with men and women. Many brands are investing in products that are challenging the standard consumption patterns of both genders.


- Gender conventions no longer define identity and social roles for a significant segment of consumers.
- Consumers now feel more liberal about experimenting with products traditionally used by the other gender.
- Diversity in brand offerings is a catalyst that disrupts gender specificity.

Reasons to buy

- Understand which audiences and consumption occasions are most affected by the Blurring Gender Boundaries trend.
- Compare the presence of this trend in each industry across the FMCG space, and learn what the key opportunities are.
- See the actions that major brands are taking to target the best Blurring Gender Boundaries opportunities.

Companies Mentioned
Absolut Vodka
Calvin Klein
Hero Clean
Powerful Men
Johnnie Walker
Heaven Hill Distilleries
Mac Cosmetics
Theophile Berthon
Sephora Cosmetics


Table of Contents
1. Trend snapshot
2. What?
3. Why?
4. Who?
5. How?
6. What next?
7. Appendix


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