Ingredient Insights: Free From - Responding to growing demand for food and drink products free from gluten or dairy allergens

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"Ingredient Insights: Free From", identifies how food and drink brands can address demand for products free from either gluten or dairy allergens using on-trend and emerging ingredients.

Many consumers today are trying to avoid gluten and dairy allergens, not only for medical reasons, but because they believe products with such claims to be better for their health. However this demand for "free from" formulations brings significant manufacturing challenges given the key role ingredients such as gluten and dairy or lactose can play in terms of providing taste and texture.


- Over half of consumers globally consider products marketed as suitable for their dietary requirements to feel more tailored to their needs.
- Natural ingredients are the top factor most likely to encourage consumers to choose one brand over another.
- Just 15% of consumers who claim to have bought gluten-free food and drink have done so because they are gluten-intolerant.

Reasons to buy

- Gain insight into consumer trends and perceptions towards ingredients to support "free from" formulation strategies.
- Identify new and emerging ingredients to help overcome challenges with removing gluten or dairy/lactose from product formulations.
- Discover the latest innovation and learn from what other brands are doing to address demand for gluten- or dairy/lactose-free offerings.
- Explore future challenges that the industry may face in responding to "free from" demand.

Companies Mentioned
International Agriculture Group
Quaker Oats
Costa Coffee
My Life Bio Cheese
Impossible Foods
Smart Flour
Blue Frog
From the Ground Up


Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Consumer Trends
3. Ingredients Spotlight
4. Innovation: How are Brands Meeting Demand for "Free From" Products?
5. The Future: Challenges and Opportunities
6. Appendix


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