3D Printing - Potential Game Changer for Global Power Market

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3D printing or “additive manufacturing” is the process of joining materials to make objects from three-dimensional model data, usually layer upon layer. In 2017 the 3D printing industry was worth $7bn, up from $3bn in 2013 and by 2025 it is expected to account for over $20bn all over the world. In recent days, additive manufacturing (AM) has found its application in different sectors of the power industry, both in building prototypes and in main stream production leading to process simplification and operational efficiency.

With the power industry under pressure, manufacturers are turning towards AM for solutions with reduced costs and shorter timeframes. During the initial phase of making inroads in the power industry, 3D printing has achieved a fair level of success with the power industry and technological firms creating an ally for the benefit of each other. Further in this report we will try to learn how 3D printing is penetrating and adjusting to the varied needs of the power industry.


- The report discusses in detail the present state of the 3D printing technology market and how it is increasingly finding new applications in both conventional and renewable energy industry.
- The report also reflects on the future prospects and challenges of this new technology in global power market.

Reasons to buy

- To gain an insight on how 3D printing is gradually penetrating both conventional and renewable power sector resulting in process simplification, operational efficiency and reduced costs.

Companies Mentioned
Siemens AG
Materials Solutions Limited
Arcam AB


1 Table of Contents
2 3D Printing - Potential Game Changer for Global Power Market
2.1 Introduction
2.2 3D Printing in Renewable
2.2.1 3D Printing in Solar
2.2.2 3D Printing in Wind Energy
2.2.3 3D Printed Batteries
2.2.4 3D Printing in Conventional Power
2.3 Conclusion
2.4 Contact Us
2.5 Disclaimer


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