Impact of Evolving Consumer Attitudes Towards Plastic Packaging: How consumer goods companies, retailers, and foodservice providers are responding to the plastic packaging issue

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"Impact of Evolving Consumer Attitudes Towards Plastic Packaging", is part of GlobalData's research into how consumer attitudes towards plastic waste are changing in the FMCG sector. The report analyses the evolution to date, and identifies future trends in a number of sectors including personal care, food, retail, and foodservice.

With increasing public awareness of the harm plastic has on the environment, consumers are increasingly seeking a relationship with retailers and manufacturers that extends beyond a mere transaction. With increasing government legislation, consumers across all generations, particularly the young, are adapting their purchasing behavior in line with the ethics and values of retailers and manufacturers. This report covers how packaging is evolving to meet the desires and expectations of consumers, in addition to identifying future trends that are likely to impact the FMCG markets.


- Recycling is a step In the right direction, but zero waste is the ultimate solution
- Young consumers in next-generation emerging markets are the most invested in leading sustainable lifestyles.
- Increasing government legislation is having a positive effect on plastic reduction and influencing consumers to adopt greener purchasing behavior.

Reasons to buy

- Recognize what has driven the evolution of consumer attitudes so far, and why consumers are increasingly seeking green packaging.
- Identify where the market is going and how green/smart packaging will affect your relevant sector.
- Access valuable strategic take-outs to assist future decision-making and product development.

Companies Mentioned
Pret A Manger
Coca Cola


Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Impact on consumer goods sectors
3. Impact on retail
4. Impact on foodservice
5. Future
6. Appendix


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