Zoetis: Capabilities, Goals and Strategies in the Global Animal Health Market


This new report provides analysis of Zoetis' capabilities, goals and strategies in the global animal health market, including:

- Majority of revenue from production animals
- Largest market share in the industry
- Poultry and swine revenue declining
- Scale allows to use own sales force in emerging markets
- Management continues cost-cutting efforts
- Reassessing manufacturing infrastructure
- CEO Juan Ramon Alaix
- Market-leading position in emerging markets
- Leading share in Asia-Pacific, Canada and Latin America
- Fragmented customer base
- Leading position in fastest-growing markets

The report also provides assessment of major U.S. and international trends with potentially significant impact on the animal health industry during the next five years, including discussion of such issues as pricing, industry consolidation, market globalization, growing R&D cost, generics, as well as advances in genomics, proteomics, drug screening, tissue engineering, bioinformatics, and includes five-year forecasts for:

- Major market segments
- Key geographic regions


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