Global Equity Offerings (GEO) Monitor

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IPO’s are back and the pipeline is building fast.O’s are back and the pipeline is building

Global Equity Offerings (GEO) Monitor tracks global IPO activity. GEO Monitor™ is the only comprehensive source of homogeneous, detailed research on global IPO’s and provides you with the following key deliverables:
- Weekly IPO Calendar identifying all up-coming global IPO’s >$50 mn proceeds expected in the next 12 months
- Daily Newsflash Service, providing up-to-date newsflow on all companies in the IPO Calendar as well as identifying any new announcements or withdrawals
- Your nominated Preliminary IPO Research Reports with subscribe or avoid recommendations on all companies.
- Models from the Preliminary IPO Research Reports, allowing you to flex the assumptions.
With this unique product you will never miss another IPO again.

Global IPO market

- The global financial crisis led to a dramatic decline in global IPO’s in 2008 with a 61% decline in deal numbers and 67% decline in funds raised
- Low valuations, market volatility and low investor confidence led to many companies withdrawing or postponing their IPO
- However, there are early signs of recovery with a latent pipeline of companies still keen to raise new funding and release shareholder equity

Our IPO calendar indicates over 150 IPO’s with >$50mn proceeds to come to market in the next 6-12 months

Product proposition

- Given the scale and disparate nature of the non-US IPO market, it is difficult for a fund manager to effectively track and review global IPO’s and determine if further research is warranted
- Language barriers often constrain fund managers’ access to potential global IPO’s
- A screening process is also required to identify which IPO’s are relevant. Most IPO’s do not warrant significant institutional investor attention as the size of the fundraisings are below $50mn. We will only focus on IPO’s where the proceeds are >$50mn

GEO Monitor has an extensive network of analysts and translators tracking newsflow on IPOs across the globe in local language:

- We will provide a comprehensive solution for fund managers interested in all global IPO’s by providing coverage of the entire life cycle of all IPO’s, ensuring the fund manger is totally abreast of all relevant global offerings as and when they are announced
- We aim to provide key data/newsflow on all global IPO’s on a near real time basis with a weekly summary
- Collation, screening and translation of all global offerings to enable fund managers to identify best opportunities around the world
- Preliminary IPO research to provide initial evaluation and recommendation, with option for further in-depth analysis


Published on a weekly basis to provide a comprehensive calendar of all announced and upcoming IPO’s. Data points provided:
- Ticker
- Country of origination
- Next news due and date
- Expected trading date
- Industry group and sub-group
- Lead manager details
- Amount to be raised in LC and US$
- Brief company description


Newflash updates on a daily basis to augment weekly calendar. All relevant newsflow on IPO’s including:
- New announcements not captured in calendar
- Withdrawals
- Changes to offering
- Company press releases
- Local news coverage

Preliminary report

Preliminary IPO research report to be issued at subscription start date and will include:
- Subscription recommendation
- Fair value price
- Investment thesis
- Industry overview
- Company overview and business description
- Key drivers
- Latest news
- DCF valuation
- Key risks

In addition, all key IPO data points provided:

- Company contact information (address, telephone, fax, Internet, incorporation, etc.)
- Industry classification and one line description of the business
- Company’s underwriters
- Description of the company and its business (multiple paragraphs)
- Number of shares offered (by company and by selling shareholders)
- Stock symbol and exchange
- Expected offering price range and actual offering price
- Institutional versus Retail breakdown
- Subscription period
- Book Building period
- Green shoe facility
- Underwriter fees
- Quiet period
- Lock up dates
- Number of shares outstanding at the completion of the offering
- Information on unit and warrant offerings
- Name of key company executives (CEO, CFO and others)
- Major shareholders (names and number of shares held)
- Legal counsel and financial auditors
- Balance Sheet and Income Statement at time of filing
- IPO-related company news



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