Alternative Payment Solution: Jiffy

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Jiffy is an Italy-based mobile payment solution developed by SIA in October 2014. It is one of the leading peer-to-peer (P2P) payment solutions in Europe with 4.2 million users, second-highest in the region after Swish and ahead of the UK’s Paym. The solution allows users to make P2P transfers in real-time on their smartphones. Jiffy allows money to be transferred simply by selecting the recipient from a mobile phone address book.

To make this solution available to customers SIA collaborates with Italian banks, which offer Jiffy as an additional service through their mobile banking apps or internet banking webpages. Transfers using Jiffy can be made through bank apps and internet banking once both sender and recipient are registered with Jiffy and have linked their mobile phone number and IBAN code. It works on compatible iOS, Android, and Windows mobile devices. In August 2017, Jiffy extended its services for in-store payments. After a successful pilot in Milan and Bergamo, Jiffy has now commercially launched consumer-to-business (C2B) transfers. This enables its users to make in-store payments in real-time via Jiffy using QR code, geolocation, and NFC technologies.

Jiffy is now supported by 19 banks: Banca Mediolanum, BNL, Banca Popolare di Sondrio, Cassa Centrale Banca, CheBanca!, Credit Agricole Cariparma, Credit Agricole Carispezia, Credit Agricole Friuladria, Gruppo Banca Carige, Hello Bank!, Inbank, Intesa Sanpaolo, Monte Dei Paschi Di Siena, Raiffeisen Bank, Sparkasse, UBI Banca, UniCredit, Volksbank Banca Popolare, and Widiba. While the solution is concentrated in Italy, SIA plans to expand it to other European markets in the future. Jiffy is based on SEPA standards, and any bank within SEPA can sign up for the service.

The report provides information and insights into alternative payment solution Jiffy, including -
- Detailed insight into its business and geographical presence
- Comprehensive coverage of its products and services
- Comparative assessment with key alternative payment solutions
- Information on its performance, including its revenue model
- The company's important events and milestones


- In October 2014, SIA launched mobile payment solution, Jiffy.
- Jiffy is based on European SEPA standards and available for all banks operating within SEPA.
- Jiffy enables its users to make in-store payments in real-time via Jiffy using QR code, geolocation, and NFC technologies.
- In August 2017, Jiffy launched C2B payments in collaboration with Intesa Sanpaolo.

Reasons to buy

- Gain insights into Jiffy's business operations, and key events.
- Gain insights into its product portfolio and revenue model.
- Assess the competitive dynamics in the alternative payments industry by comparing its performance against competitors.

Companies Mentioned

Banca Mediolanum
Banca Popolare di Sondrio
Cassa Centrale Banca
Credit Agricole Cariparma
Credit Agricole Carispezia
Credit Agricole Friuladria
Gruppo Banca Carige
Hello Bank!
Intesa Sanpaolo
Monte Dei Paschi Di Siena
Raiffeisen Bank
UBI Banca
Volksbank Banca Popolare


Table of Contents
Historic Milestones
Revenue Model
Products and Services
Significant Events
Partner Banks and Financial Institutions


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