Zurich Insurance Group: Fintech Ecosystem

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In 2018, Zurich Insurance has launched two initiatives such as Zurich Insurance Mobile Solutions (ZIMS), Innovation Foundry, in order to develop new digital solutions for its customers and to modernize its operations. In addition, Zurich has partnered with various IT service providers - including Accenture, CSC, and DXC Technologies - to create a digital workplace for its employees and build digital infrastructure.

Zurich is actively partnering with accelerator programs across the UK, the US, and Asia Pacific to explore and support innovative start-ups that can help accelerate its digital transformation strategy.

Zurich has partnered with various analytics-based solutions providers, in order to leverage and implement their technology within its legacy systems - with a particular focus on modernizing its property & casualty operations. It has also partnered with diversified technology giants in order to develop digital solutions based on AI, connected devices and IoT, and cloud computing.

The report provides information and insights into Zurich Insurance's fintech activities, including -
- Insights of its fintech strategies
- Overview of fintech investments covering investment size and technology
- Insights on key investments including details on company and its business description
- Details of various accelerator programs, in-house launches, acquisitions, and partnerships.


- In 2018, Zurich is actively making equity investments in fintech and insurtech companies, with a focus on consortium investment rounds.
- In 2017, Zurich acquired two companies in order to enhance its connected car and travel insurance capabilities globally.
- As of August 2018, Zurich Insurance has empowered more than 200 start-ups through its partnered accelerator programs.

Reasons to buy

- Gain insights into Zurich Insurance’s Fintech operations.
- Gain insights into its Fintech strategy and investment portfolio.
- Gain insights into various product launches, investments and partnership strategies of Zurich Insurance.

Companies Mentioned
Digital Insurance Group


Table of Contents
1. Key Facts - FY 2017
2. Fintech Strategy
a) Product Launches
b) Investment Division
c) Accelerator Programs
d) Partnerships
e) Acquisitions
3. Investor, Partner, and Acquisitions Network Map
4. Innovation Initiatives
5. Appendix


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