EMR Market 2017: Electronic Medical Records in an Era of Disruption

April 18, 2017
290 Pages - MSKI10206

EMR Market 2017: Electronic Medical Records Market in an Era of Disruption

For a decade, the EMR market could be said to be growing market on a predictable trajectory. There is a great deal of competition, hundreds of scattered companies serving local or web markets, and a few large concerns that are capturing large institutions. There were government-funded physician and hospital incentives in the largest market of the United States, which transformed to potential penalties.

All the while, some trends we've noted in this report, EMR 2017 included the depth of physician adoption, user dissatisfaction with their purchases, lack of interoperability, implementation difficulties, staffing shortages in IT, the lack of a clear EMR market leader, increasing international markets, and cybersecurity. Additionally, a new administration with a different set of objectives from the Obama Administration that incentivized EMR purchases is in office, potentially changing programs. Kalorama Information believes that at this time these trends are combining to disrupt the EMR marketplace, even while revenues for companies grow. The report takes a look at these trends and provides the following data: 

  • Over 50 Profiles of EMR Companies 
  • US and International Market to 2021 
  • Hospital and Physician Market to 2021 
  • International EMR Markets 
  • The EMR Market, 2014 and Forecasted to 2021 
  • Possible Trump Administration Moves and Likely Impact 
  • Breakouts of Market: Services, Software, Hardware 
  • Meaningful Use, MACRA and Other Policies 
  • The Latest Physician EMR Usage Statistics 
  • Current Hospital Stage Goals and Results 
  • Pricing of EHR Systems and ROI Information



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