IRS Corporate Financial Ratios, 30th edition

Schonfeld & Associates Inc.
April 1, 2015
300 Pages - SAI10011

An ideal reference for CPAs, controllers, bankers, CFOs, tax lawyers, financial analysts, investment advisors and corporate planners. This comprehensive annual reference features 76 key financial ratios calculated from the latest income statement and balance sheet data available from Internal Revenue Service corporate tax returns. Extensive and complete are the only words to describe this reference. Common financial ratios are presented as well as special ratios used by sophisticated business planners and analysts. One page per NAICS industry (over 250 in all) shows ratios for profitable firms versus firms with losses in up to four asset size classes. The extensive introduction fully describes each ratio, including how to calculate and interpret each financial ratio. 29th edition

IRS-CALC, an Excel spreadsheet, allows you to calculate your own ratios based on income statement and balance sheet data and compare them with industry norms.


About Schonfeld & Associates, Inc.
Industry Coverage
Time Period Factors
Sample Selection
Weighting of the Data
Consolidated Returns
Industry Classification
Other Data Considerations
Organization of the Study
Definition of Underlying Variables
Ratio Definitions and Interpretations
Industry Tabulations - U.S. Total
Industry Sector 11 - Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing and Hunting
Industry Sector 21 - Mining
Industry Sector 22 - Utilities
Industry Sector 23 - Construction
Industry Sector 31 - Manufacturing
Industry Sector 41 - Wholesale and Retail Trade
Industry Sector 42 - Wholesale Trade
Industry Sector 44 - Retail Trade
Industry Sector 46 - Wholesale & Retail Not Allocable
Industry Sector 48 - Transportation and Warehousing
Industry Sector 51 - Information
Industry Sector 52 - Finance and Insurance
Industry Sector 53 - Real Estate and Rental & Leasing
Industry Sector 54 - Professional, Scientific and Technical Services
Industry Sector 55 - Management of Companies (Holding Companies)
Industry Sector 56 - Administrative and Waste Management Services
Industry Sector 61 - Educational Services
Industry Sector 62 - Health Care and Social Assistance
Industry Sector 71 - Arts, Entertainment and Recreation
Industry Sector 72 - Accommodation and Food Services
Industry Sector 81 - Other


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